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April 12, 2010 at 9:15 pm (drugs, rant) (, , )

Suck. I went to Colonial Lanes for my first day of work today after my doctor’s appointment. The supervisor seemed surprised by my presence, took me back to the office where they mentioned something about having hired someone else and decided to track down Amelia (who, last Thursday, told me that I should come in Monday to start/that I just needed to bring in my prescription and the drug test was fine).

Apparently it wasn’t, because the fellow that had gone off with my cup of pee last week and some older lady informed me that I had tested positive. “Well, I’m on painkillers,” I informed them, as I had the prescription with me.

“One of them was positive for opium,” she said.

“Yeah,” I interjected.

“The other was positive for marijuana.”

I was unsure as to whether she was talking about two separate drug tests (i.e., mine and someone else’s) because the way she phrased it sure sounded like it (above is a rough approximation), but at that point I didn’t really give a fuck, said okay.

“Sorry,” she said, and I left.

Rather upset, actually. Thanks for wasting my time and invading my privacy, fuckwads. I can get behind drug tests for certain professions– cops, people who work in pharmacies/have access to drugs, etc– but calling people up to give them updates about bowling leagues? Really? What does it matter what I do in my free time? As long as I’m not high at work, they shouldn’t give a fuck. What does it really mean if I do drugs? That I’m not trustworthy? That I’m not a good worker? If I had a felony drug conviction and listed it on my application, they couldn’t use that information as grounds not to hire me or I could take them to court. So just because I haven’t gotten caught using drugs, I can be discriminated against because of it? Taking a puff of weed every so often is a fuck of a lot better than getting drunk off my ass all the time, but if I did the latter, I’d be making $9/hr bothering people at dinner right now.

Even if I didn’t do drugs, coming in to fill out an application under the pretense that I was already hired and then having a surprise cup to pee in shoved in my face rubs me the wrong way. I should have been informed of that part before I came in–i.e., when I talked to her on the phone, or in the ad for the job. I think drug tests in general are a pretty severe invasion of privacy, and constitute unreasonable search and seizure. Fourth amendment, motherfuckers. Quit making me pee in cups.


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