April 16, 2010 at 12:48 am (doctors, hair) (, )

So I just pulled a clump of hair and lint out of buttgyna (the friendly nickname I’ve given my pilonidal cyst’s large sinus and her six lovely sisters). This was painful and utterly terrifying, as it was the first time I’ve ever pulled anything out of the scary little black pit of doom back there. I am not looking forward to getting it removed, as this will probably mean another long recovery, and while it’s not really detrimental to my every day life, I. Want. It. Out. There’s still a hair sticking out of there, too. I was too afraid to pull on it anymore, partially out of the unrealistic fear that this would unravel the whole thing and somehow I’d end up pulling out the contents of the cyst through the sinus. Yeah, this really is TMI.

Making the TMI stuff blend with the background, because yeah, that’s probably more than you needed to know. Highlight it at your own risk. Appointment to get that shit taken care of is in about a month, so hopefully it’ll go well and away. I don’t seem to have updated about my appointment on Monday (the drug test fail sort of distracted me, apparently), but it went okay. I got a refill. I got the Steri-Strips removed. I have a big gash on my bikini line and all the area surrounding it is numb.

I think I’m going to bleach my hair more tomorrow. There was a brief spike in guys hitting on me (hello, forty year old at the library), but that seems to have diminished and I feel like the hair’s just ugly now. I’m just kind of cranky because I’ve been in withdrawal all day, am not looking forward to dealing with the rest of my medical problems, am tired, etc. Also am in fear that new $15/hr month-long job opportunity that both J and I might be embarking on next week will drug test and then we’ll have lost the chance to make $4,000. Will find out this weekend.

I need to fetch myself a scrip for Ativan. I’m pretty sure it would help immensely.



  1. asoulinprogress said,

    That’s fucking horrible.

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